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I'm so excited to document your growing family!  Please read below to prepare for your session.

Preparing For Your Session

My goal for your session is to create beautiful images that you will look back on and love. In doing this I spend lots of time prepping for your session to ensure everything runs smoothy and you are at ease.

This guide is another step I take in preparing you for your session to help ensure that your images not only capture you in this special moment in your life, but also empower you!

In this guide I will cover; communication, what to wear, posing tips, what to bring, what I provide, what to expect during your session and after.

First it is very important to communicate what you are wanting for your session.  If you've looked at my previous work, then you know that I have a glam/fine art look to my images.  I strive to make you look like a goddess-because you are! That being said... Is there a certain pose you want incorporated during your session? Do you have something sentimental you want to bring to your session? There are never too many details you can share with me to help me have a clear understanding of your vision.

The days leading up to your session I will reach out to make sure we have gone over every detail regarding the session. Communication is important because your body is working very heard to grow a baby. You and your little ones heath is always the priority during your session. If you aren’t feeling well the day of your session we will reschedule. If your pregnancy has been classified as a high risk pregnancy, I will want to make sure you have the go ahead from your doctor before we do your session. Please communicate with me about the status of your pregnancy and how you are feeling, as this will play a role in where your session takes place and how I can pose you comfortably. 

What to Wear

This is a question that is asked frequently. For this reason I offer a client closet. I have an assortment of maternity dresses for all shapes and sizes. Most of my dresses are made from stretchy fabric that fit size 4-12 comfortably.  If we need to clamp a dress to make if fit more snug then we can do that too.  I also use various fabrics that can be draped over you and styled for a custom look.  If you are unsure about how one of my outfits may fit, you are more then welcome to schedule a fitting with me!  I will have your choices ready for you the day of your session.

If you are choosing to wear something from your closet you will be responsible for bringing it and making sure it is picture day ready.

I will help you stylize your session from choosing the outfits and accessories, to adding props, material, and even flowers.

I always recommend wearing nude coloured underwear and bra so that they don't show through the dresses.  If you have a strapless bra that is even better but if it is not giving you the support you need that's ok, I can edit out bra straps if needed.  

Client Closet

Paulina25 copy1.jpg

Pamper Yourself

I don't currently offer hair and make up services with my sessions.

There are a few thing your can do to prepare yourself to look your best for you session.  You have so much on your mind and I strive to offer you as stress free of an experience as possible.  Getting your hair and make up professionally done is a great way to show some self love and pamper yourself.  Or if you are confidant in your own hair and make up abilities, you can do it yourself.  Either way,  I suggest a bit of curl to the hair as it is nice for movement in your photos.   Make up can be to your liking.  I suggest doing a little more then you would for your regular everyday make up.  But it shouldn't be overly distracting.  A subtle smokey eye, some lashes (if you're comfortable with them) and a soft lips and cheeks are great.  

While we are talking about pampering, let’s take a moment to talk about hands and feet, because these will show in almost all your photos. Feel free to take this opportunity to treat yourself to a mani/pedi if you want. Neutral colors are always flattering in photos.  If you aren't wanting to do this, then make sure your hands and feet are clean.  

Your legs might show depending on the dress you wear, so make sure they are prepared in the way you love them.  I suggest using lotion or body oils to make sure your skin is looking its best for picture day. 

What to Bring 

I know that feeling, the night before an event, you’ve just laid down and closed your eyes and you somehow find yourself making a mental list of all the things you have to do or pack. You don’t need to stress Momma! I provide almost everything you need.  Below are things that I need you to bring as well as some suggestions that are optional.

  • Nude Underwear/bra (a must)

  • Sexier lace bra and underwear if we are doing more "exposed" photos

  • Sentimental items if you desire

  • If you have a dress or any clothing/jewelry you want to bring 

If you forget something don’t stress, I promise your gallery will still turnout beautiful! I spend a lot of time planning for your session and I'm fully prepared for any hiccups.

Because your session is a studio session, I do provide snacks and drinks. I have keurig tea and coffee at your disposal.  

I also have lotion for you to use if you forget to help give your skin that perfect mommy glow.

Posing Tips 

I have two posing tips that will change the outcome of your photos. The first one, communicate.  If you have something you are self conscious about, let me know. I want you to look at these photos and love them! It’s ok to be a little insecure about your body changing during pregnancy.  It’s normal, so don’t let those insecurities rob you of this amazing time in your life. Give yourself grace.  After all you are growing a human! If you communicate ahead of time I can plan my poses around you and help you feel comfortable and confidant.

The second tip is to relax. The more comfortable you are in front of the camera, the better your photos will look.  I am super laid back during these sessions and just like to have fun!  Most people don't know how to pose or what to do in front of the camera, unless you are a professional model.  So allow me to direct you. While posing, I will either guide you through a pose or mirror for you to copy me. 

Here is a link oftypical posesduring a maternity session to give you an idea. 

Your Comfort and Safety 

While we are on the topic of posing, I want to go over safety. The Safety of you and your little one are my top priority.

If you have high blood pressure or any other pregnancy related condition please communicate that to me so I know what to watch you for and so that I can modify any poses if we need to.

For my high risk clients, just double check with your doctor that its ok to do the session.

Hydration is important, so I provide snacks and refreshments.  If you have any allergies please let me know prior to your session so I can properly prepare for you.

If at any time during the session you need a break, you get too hot, get a leg cramp or you're tired and just need to sit down just let me know.  Your comfort is important!

Northfork Photography is a professional 

newborn, maternity and family photography business that has been serving the Peace Region

since 2016.

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