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I love a good posed photo.  It's great for hanging on your walls and for the family Christmas card!  But what I enjoy most about family sessions, is capturing the real you.  From the silly to the messy and chaotic!  I love to create a story with your images that showcases who you are as a family.

I'm all about sessions without stress!  Because who needs anymore of that?

The majority of the time, it's Mom's booking family photos.  We're the ones that are taking care of all the little (and big)  details in the day to day and ultimately the one's that are thinking about capturing the sweet memories of your babies before they're not babies anymore!  But we forget to think about ourselves!  Hands up, how often are we the ones snapping photos of our kids, and forgetting to include ourselves with them?  My guess is a lot.  I know I'm guilty of it too!  Take this opportunity to really focus, not just on the family, but yourself too Mama! 

Family sessions are most importantly meant to be fun!  Don't stress about kids not listening or wanting to take part.  That's to be expected and as a mother, I get it!  I am very patient and always try to keep it fun and interactive.  (I may have a few bribes up my sleeve too!) And I always get beautiful images regardless! Think about it as going on an adventure, and I will take care of the rest! I'll be the cheerleader, the organizer, the stylist, and dare I say even therapist - especially to those who may not want to be there (ahem...looking at you Dad's).


The biggest thing to expect is fun!  When we meet at our session location, I like to start off with getting to know everyone a little bit, especially your kiddos!  I like to get on their level so that they are as comfortable with me as possible. Then we may start off with a few typical posed shots just to get everyone warmed up, and then we can have some real fun! 

 We can walk, run and play as much as possible.  Family photos don't need to be stressful.  Just imagine that I'm a fly on the wall trying to capture the love and connection in your family. I love to get very interactive shots of your family to really create a story.  I also bring a blanket for sitting on the ground for more intimate and cuddly shots and I may bring fun things like bubbles!  And yes, I will be directing you throughout the session as much as possible so don't worry if you don't know "how to pose." 

About 2-3 weeks following your session,  I will email you your gallery for you to view your images and choose your collection!


When is the best time to book a family session?

Because we live in Northern Alberta, weather can be a tricky factor.  I offer my family sessions from May through October and sessions are always booked in the evenings before sunset.  Keep this in mind during the summer months as this can be quite late if you have small children. 

How long is a family session?

Family sessions run on average 1-1 ½ hours, depending on the location we've chosen and how much walking we're doing, and also how many family members you have.

Can we include the family dog?

Absolutely! You can bring you dog at no additional cost.  I love including fur babies in family sessions!

What if my children won't cooperate?!

Ok, I'm gonna be honest.  This does happen.  And you know what?  I don't care!  Kids will be kids!  The best thing for you to do, is not put strict expectations on them and remind them that we are there to have fun.  If you remain calm and have fun, they will follow.  I always have a few tricks up my sleeve as well as bribes for after the session and this is usually enough to gain their trust and get the photos I need.  DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THIS!

What do we wear?

I do provide some styling tips that will be sent to you in my client prep guide when you book.  Pinterest is a great source for getting inspiration as well.  My suggestion is to not be super matchy matchy, but rather coordinate complimenting colours.  Adding pops of colour and accessorizing is great.  I recommend not wearing anything with logos or printing as this can be distracting.  These are just suggestions, and at the end of the day I want you comfortable during your session!

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