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This is such an incredible bitter sweet time in your life!  You've carried your child for 9 months and now they're finally here!  Newborn photography is my absolute favourite.  Not only do I get to hold babies again, but I get to capture those details for you so you have them to hold onto forever.  Those days are such a blur, and before you know it, they're off to kindergarten!  Whether it's your first or 5th, it's the same each time!  It's an absolute dream for me to photograph your little one and create beautiful art that you will fall in love with. 


When you arrive to my studio you can expect it to be fully stocked with drinks, snacks and extra diapers and supplies, should you need them.  I also have toys to entertain siblings as well.  I keep the studio very warm with space heaters so baby is always comfortable.  I recommend dressing in layers in case you get to warm.

My main goal is for you to be able to relax during the session and let me take over and do what I do!  I will hand baby over to you for feedings and to be changed when needed.  If you are wanting parent and sibling shots, I typically do this at the start of the session so the other children can go play after.  During the session, I try to get as much variety of poses, wraps and props as I can, but I follow baby's lead.  It's great to want to try as many outfits and props as we can, but I always go with what the baby is most comfortable with to avoid any unnecessary stress or over stimulation that will upset them and make for a more challenging session. 

Approximately 2-3 weeks after your session, I will deliver your fully edited gallery of images for you to gush over and choose what package you want to purchase.


When should I book my newborn session?

Initially you will want to try to book the session as far in advance as you can, if possible.  I will tentatively schedule you for your estimated due date, and once baby is born, we will confirm a suitable date and time for when your little one is between 7-21 days old.  This is the best time, as they are still sleepy and fairly posable. 

How long is a newborn session?

Sessions can run anywhere between 2-4 hours!  Some babies can be fussier and harder to settle.  Some need extra feedings and changing and some just don't want to fall asleep!  I've had some rockstars that are done in less then two hours and some that take 4.  It can vary greatly from baby to baby and in any case, you will still get a beautifully gallery. 

Can we/our other children be in the photos?

Most definitely!  I actually encourage this.  Bring grandma and grandpa if you want to! I know as moms, we mostly feel like a hot mess after we've had a baby and maybe having your photo taken isn't super important, but trust me you will want these memories captured! 

What if my baby is fussy/poops or pees?

It happens!  Please don't let it stress you out.  Patience is key during your session and babies are unpredictable at times.  We always go with the flow!  

What should we bring to the session?

I have everything we need for the session itself but one thing I highly recommend is bring a pacifier!  These can be a literal lifesaver it comes to a successful newborn session!  If you are wanting to be in photos with baby then I recommend wearing a simple t-shirt or blouse in a neutral colour or black or white.  Same for dad's.  A simple plain t-shirt or button down.  If mom wants to wear a dress from my collection she can!  

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