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This is the time to document how much your little one has grown.  Whether you are looking to capture some new milestones or to celebrate your baby's 1st birthday, I have got you covered!

These sessions are best for babies that are able to sit up unassisted, usually around 6-12 months old.  This is just a recommendation of course and if your baby hasn't reached that stage yet, we can still get some great portraits.

All my cake smash sessions are kept really simple and minimalistic. I want to ensure that your baby is the main star and all the little details are not lost in the clutter. I will capture all your baby smiles, the crumbs stuck to their little chubby legs, icing smudged everywhere and pure joy on their face. 


If you booked a Milestone session, it will last about 1 hour in my studio.  You can bring an outfit or I have some as well.  These sessions are super simplistic and feature your little ones growth and development thus far.  These are best if your baby can sit by themselves as it will give more variety in your gallery.  But if they can't quite yet that's ok too.  You have full use of my props and I'll capture the little details and smiles just the same!

Cake Smash sessions generally last about 1 hour and they take place in my home studio. We start with some regular portraits of your child in their cake smash outfit to give them a chance to get comfortable in front of the camera and familiar with myself and their surroundings before we bring the cake out.

A frosted cake is supplied for the smash. I keep the colours pretty neutral, so white or pastels. If your child has food allergies please let me know or you can provide your own cake. Cake Smash shoots are unpredictable but always a lot of fun. Some little ones get right into it whilst others can be shy and need some assistance with the smashing. Either way I guarantee there will be cake and frosting everywhere by the end of the session.  After the smashing is done, your baby gets to enjoy a nice soak in my rustic wash tub to wash away all the cake and icing!

It is really important your baby is well rested and fed before the cake smash shoot. We all know an over tired or hungry baby only equals a grumpy baby. And throw in a lot of stimulation, cake and decorations it would get super overwhelming and only turn into frowning faces and possibly tears. 


When should I book my cake smash session?

Initially you will want to try to book the session as far in advance as you can, if possible.  That way I have time to plan and of course bake your cake!  I do like to personalize each session as well so booking ahead allows me to obtain any special props or decorations. 

How long is a milestone/cake smash session?

I allow up to 1 hour approximately. Some babies, depending on their age, can take longer to get comfortable in an unfamiliar.  Do not stress if your baby is on the shy side.  I always go with their energy and you will have an amazing gallery regardless!

Can we/our other children be in the photos?

For these sessions I prefer to not have any parents or siblings involved.  I really like to focus on just the star of the show, as these sessions are tailored to your baby only. 

What if my baby is cranky or won't cooperate?

It happens!  Please don't let it stress you out.  Patience is key during your session and babies are unpredictable at times.  We always go with the flow!  A helpful tip:  Schedule the session when your baby is rested.  So make sure they've had their nap or its well before their nap.

And I also want to state that some babies don't make a huge mess with the cake and that is ok. This is where we get either myself or the parents to break it up, smudge some on their leg and help things along. Either way I can assure you that I will get so many images of your little one having fun, laughing, possibly crying, making faces, photos of the crumbs, icing, chubby legs, etc.  

What should we bring to the session?

I provide the cake, decorations and outfits, but if you have a special outfit, bring it along.  Otherwise, bring your regular baby supplies.  Drinks, snacks, change of clothes, diapers and wipes.  Any comfort items they may need.

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