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I'm so excited to capture these special moments!

YES! I’m so glad you’ve decided to book with me! I am excited to work together to create some beautiful memories for your family to enjoy for many years to come.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at any step along the way. My ultimate goal (besides creating gorgeous photos) is for you to enjoy this process. I pride myself in the awesome customer service I provide, and I hope you walk away from your session experience completely satisfied and in love with your portraits.

This prep guide is full of information and contains pretty much everything you’ll need to know to make the most of your time with me, from what happens before, during and after your session, to what to wear, to tips I’ve found to help create a successful session for everyone.

Let the fun begin!

A Milestone Session is short and sweet! The session typically lasts around an hour, sometimes less, sometimes more – it all depends on what baby needs. I tend to move pretty quickly with little ones, since most have short attention spans. Milestone sessions are great for babies 3-12 months of age.



After booking, you will receive a session questionnaire that will ask about your personal style, specifics you want for the session, ideas or concerns you might have, etc. It is important to take your time and fill out the questionnaire as completely as possible. The more you can tell me about what you’re hoping for, the more successful our session will be.


Here are some overall thoughts on clothing for your little one, but please read each age description below for more detailed information. Solids and simple prints are best to keep the focus on faces. Textures and layers are great to add interest. Make sure clothes fit well and aren’t too baggy. Avoid neon colors, orange and red near the face, large prints, as well as large, distracting logos. Please choose outfits and accessories that don’t need to be fixed constantly. I do have a growing collection of baby clothes for your little one, so you are welcome to borrow things from me as well!

I typically ask that you send me some quick photos of the outfits you plan to bring in the week leading up to your session. That way I can have some setups planned in my head.


In addition to the necessities (diapers, wipes, etc), feel free to bring a favorite toy or blankie to comfort baby. It’s also wise to bring extra milk/formula/drinks and a snack just in case baby needs a break.


I’ve found that babies as young as 6 months can start to feel uneasy around strangers. This has been particularly noticeable during the pandemic. When you arrive, one of the first things I do is assess how your child reacts to me. Some children have no problems interacting with me and others are immediately leery. Sometimes we can dive right into the session, and other times we might spend the first 10-15 minutes playing on the floor, letting them adjust to me and their new environment. Please know that your child’s comfort and happiness is of top importance.


Life happens! If there is a family emergency, if anyone isn’t feeling well, or your little one takes a tumble (scrape/bruise), just reach out and we can discuss a change of plans. Please know that I am happy to work with any issues that arise, and that I leave time in my schedule to accommodate them. I’d love to hear from you 24+ hours before the session if at all possible.


These sessions are booked between 10am and 1pm and I suggest booking for a time that doesn't conflict with your baby's nap schedule. Please plan to be with me for 60+ minutes.  Often, I am done quicker than this, but sometimes baby needs some extra snuggles or snacks to get comfortable.  My time is almost always flexible, so don't stress.  I will require your assistance during the session so dress comfortably because it can be a bit of a work out!



At this age, baby spends much of their time photographed on their backs. I will change setups and outfits to get some variety. If baby is willing, I will also try to pose on their belly or safely propped in a sitting position.  I have props that work for this.

Smiles are not always common at this age, but I will certainly try my best. I know, no matter what, we will get some beautiful portraits of your little one that captures their sweet dispositions and how much they’ve grown.

Clothing suggestions: keep things very simple. A onesie, a romper, a pair of shorts/pants or bloomers. Avoid clothing that is too baggy or bulky.  I have some outfits for this age that you are welcome to use. 


Baby’s personality is shining through now! I will feature baby sitting on their own, pushing up, and maybe even crawling. The age a baby masters each of these can vary greatly. Some clients choose to wait until baby is sitting well independently to schedule their session, and others prefer to capture them at a specific age. Feel free to chat with me about what works best for you.

Clothing suggestions: Keep things pretty simple. Bring items that let baby kick and wiggle around comfortably. Feel free to bring your favorite outfits from home or borrow from my Client Closet. This is also a great age to feature that beautiful baby skin. I typically get through 2-3 outfits/setups at this session.


Can you believe it’s been one year?!  A one-year session can be 60+ mins. We will probably spend quite a bit of time chasing your little one around as they explore the studio. Be ready for a workout!

I’ll be ready to capture your little one no matter how quick they are! Some are still comfortable crawling, others love to stand, walk or even run. I move quickly at these sessions, but snack breaks and a snuggle are always welcome if baby needs it.

Clothing suggestions: I have some clothing options available for this age, but please bring outfits from home if you wish. I aim for 3 outfits/setups at a one-year session. This includes some simple portraits to start off, followed by the cake smash, then to finish off the session, a bubble bath!


My cake smashes are simple and minimalistic.  I will provide a simple vanilla cake for the session that you can take home after. I opt for simple white, or pastel coloured frosting to not take attention away from your baby.  Not to mention, deep coloured frosting can stain too. I do not offer any character themed sessions.  

Some kids dig right into their cake and others need some encouragement. Be ready to get your hands (and sometimes clothes) dirty showing your little one how it’s done.

Please know that not all kids enjoy cake or the cake smash experience. I’ve found that kids who aren’t used to sweets, or who don’t like getting their hands dirty, don’t usually do well. So, I suggest grabbing a cupcake and doing a trial run (or two) with your little one if you think this might be an issue.

If your baby has any allergies, I ask that you bring your own cake.


I've seen smashes with a stack of pancakes, a pumpkin pie, a box of donuts, even a watermelon.  I'm open to ideas!


Aside from the bubble bath that is included in the session,  I have towels and wipes at your disposal.

Northfork Photography is a professional 

newborn, maternity and family photography business that has been serving the Peace Region

since 2016.

Vanessa Koenig


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